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Reviewing or editing texts

Hard to tell the difference between the two, and yet quite a difference there is. Let us tell you a bit about it.   Reviewing means saying goodbye to mistakes and typos. If your text is already stylistically sound and adapted to your target group then what you need is a text review. This means […]

5009 New words, including “fake news” and “selfie” entered the German Duden dictionary

“Luegenpresse”, “Selfiestick”, and “Flüchtlingskrise” are just a few of the over 5000 new words that recently entered the Duden German dictionary. Often these new words become part of daily talk through political events and social agendas, and are frequently of English-speaking origin. The new Duden edition, by the way, has 145.000 word entries. How many […]

Which words can be found in a children’s dictionary?

So many words –  but which ones are most relevant to children? Animals, plants, clothes, fruits, vegetables, musical instruments, or body parts…. you name it. One thing is clear: you will find “apple” in a kids dictionary, but not “stinky fruit”. Why is that?   Because some words are more often used and hence more […]